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There is an updated detailed outline recapping the current Property Tax Relief Programs.  For the handout, please click HERE.

For the 2021 Senior Freeze Form PTR-1 Application  CLICK HERE.

For the 2021 Senior Freeze Form PTR-1A

Property Tax Verification form CLICK HERE.


​​​​​​2022 EVENTS

As the year begins, we hope we will be able to put the pandemic behind us.  In

the past we have held major events for the community including an annual

health fair, our "Generations In Style" Fashion Show, and programs on topics

ranging from technology updates to financial options to tips on remaining

at home.  Each of our special events have been attended by over 350 people.

Out of concern for the safety and health of our attendees, we have currently

postponed our 2022 events.  We will keep you apprised as to when they will

be rescheduled.   

The Senior News will continue to be published in order to bring you information

and news on areas of concern and interest.   We will also keep a special focus on property tax relief and what you can expect in 2022.

Most of us want to continue to stay in our homes and communities but property

taxes are driving us away.  Taking advantage of New Jersey's Property Tax Relief

programs can stretch our dollars.  Who qualifies?  Are there special programs for seniors?  To increase awareness of what is available for homeowners, back in the fall of 2019 the Senior Council gave a series of talks throughout our communities.  The presentation clarified the New Jersey property tax relief options and covered the income requirements, the application processes and the deadlines for the various programs including:

​        * Senior Freeze

        * Homestead Benefit (now replaced by the Anchor Program)

        * Senior Citizens Annual Property Tax Deduction

        * Property Tax Deductions for Veterans (or their spouses)

        * NJ State Income Tax Relief for Homeowners and Renters

These programs have been renewed in the upcoming NJ State Budget.  However, the Homestead Benefit (formerly the Homestead Rebate), is being replaced by the Anchor Program.  Applications and full details for Anchor eligibility are scheduled to be released by the State in the fall.

​​For the original Property Tax Relief video. Please click below.