Doors open at 9:00am with a free breakfast.  Attendees will have the opportunity to browse the over thirty information exhibits on display.  There will be FREE on-site screenings provided by local area hospitals.  The formal program with a panel of guest speakers will run from 10:15am to 11:45am with time for questions. Featured topics include:

   PERSONAL OUTLOOK:  Why is it important for us to remain independent?  Can you get help and still be in control?  When

 should you start thinking about finding assistance?

   HEALTH CONCERNS:  What testing and screenings should you get?  What preventative health measures should you take?  How

often should you see a doctor?

   FINANCIAL SUPPORTS: Who should you select to help?  How can you be sure the decisions you make are being followed?  Have you taken inventory of what you have?  What financial options are available?

   TRANSPORTATION OPTIONS:  Can you be independent without a car?  What is the math of giving up your vehicle?  How can you create your own personable transportation plan?

   HOME RENOVATIONS:  How can you stay where you are as long as possible?  What fixes will make your home safer and easier to access?  When should you consider moving? 

   GOVERNMENT FUNDED SUPPORT:  Are there subsidized programs for home and healthcare?  Local, County, State & Federal government programs--how to ask the right questions.  How much technology do you need to know?

For more information or to RSVP, call Senior Council at 908-964-7555


 at The Westwood in Garwood  (438 North Ave)   

​(908) 964-7555​



Our 2020 events will begin with our spring program to be held at The Westwood in 

Garwood.  Because we are all living longer, that means we need to live smarter if we want to remain independent in the future.  How can we stay in control of our lives?  What type of support will we need?  Can we get help and still be independent? 

From our personal outlook to health concerns to financial support (both private and government) to transportation options and home improvements, our panel of experts will focus on "Staying in Charge."   The event will be rescheduled from May 5.

Most of us want to continue to stay in our homes and communities but property

taxes are driving us away.  Taking advantage of New Jersey's Property Tax Relief

programs can stretch our dollars.  Who qualifies?  Are there special programs for seniors?  To increase awareness of what is available for homeowners, the Senior

Council will again be giving a series of talks throughout our communities.  The presentations will clarify the current New Jersey property tax relief options and will cover the income requirements, the application processes and the deadlines for the various programs including:

​  * Senior Freeze

  * Homestead Benefit (formerly Homestead Rebate)

  * Senior Citizens Annual Property Tax Deduction

  * Property Tax Deductions for Veterans (or their spouses)

  * NJ State Income Tax Relief for Homeowners and Renters

 Property Tax Relief Presentations have currently been scheduled for:

    Monday, April 27 (12:30pm) in Rahway

    Wednesday, May 27 (11:00am) in New Providence

   Those interested in attending or who would like a

presentation at their club or group,  please contact the  

Senior Council at (908) 964-7555.

Plans are also underway for our 15th Annual Health and 

Lifestyle Fair which will be held in the fall of 2020.  

POSTPONED     Tuesday, May 5, 2020  Staying in Charge