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              Anchor, Senior Freeze And

     Other NJ Property Tax Relief Programs

             For Homeowners and Renters

  For the updated outline recapping the Property

  Tax Relief Programs including click HERE.

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​​​​​​​​​​​2024 EVENTS

As the year begins, the rising prices of food, energy and healthcare are on

everyone's mind.  The ability to afford to remain in one's home is also becoming

increasingly more difficult due to higher housing costs such as property taxes,

rent and mortgage.

At Senior Council, we take these concerns to heart. We will continue to publish the

Senior News in order to bring you information and news on areas of concern and 

interest.   We will also keep a special focus on property tax relief and what you

can expect going forward.

With the ever increasing cost of property taxes in New Jersey, many of us are

driven away.  However, taking advantage of New Jersey's Property Tax Relief

programs can stretch our dollars.  Who qualifies?  Are there special programs for seniors? 

Can renters also get relief? 

To increase awareness of what is available, the Senior Council will be giving a series of talks 

throughout our communities beginning in March 2024.

The presentation will clarify the New Jersey property tax relief

options including the ANCHOR Program and the new eligibility limits for SENIOR FREEZE.

We cover the income requirements, the application processes and the deadlines for the

various programs including:

​        * Anchor Program (formerly Homestead Benefit Credit)

        * Senior Freeze

        * Senior Citizens Annual Property Tax Deduction

        * Property Tax Deductions for Veterans (or their spouses)

        * NJ State Income Tax Relief for Homeowners and Renters

It should be noted that although these programs were updated in the last legislative session, they will not be fully funded until the new budget is passed in June 2024.   Governor Murphy will be giving a budget address with a budget proposal in February 2024.  Applications for the 2023 Senior Freeze are now available.